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K Ply, Inc.

Has been a quality producer of specialty plywood panels for over fifty years.

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K Ply manufactures a wide variety of products. Commodity plywood such as marine grade, sanded exterior fir, and sheathing are occasionally available.

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Featured Product

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CedarPly Data

CedarPly exterior sidings combine the rich look and excellent durability of cedar with the structural advantages of plywood.

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Sanded Poplar

The need for a substrate or core panel to support veneer and other laminates has increased substantially.

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Concrete Form HDO

K Ply High Density Overlay is an exterior type plywood manufactured with a hard, smooth phenolic resin impregnated bleach kraft overlay.

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Royal WeatherPly MDO

Royal WeatherPly MDO is exterior type plywood of 100% western hardwood veneer which has been overlaid with a resin-treated fiber overlay.

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