cedard2CedarPly exterior sidings combine the rich look and excellent durability of cedar with the structural advantages of plywood. CedarPly is suitable for exterior application on sidewalls, soffits, trim and interior applications calling for a decorative treatment. Ideal for both residential and low rise commercial applications, CedarPly can eliminate the need for sheathing or corner bracing; exceeds federal insulation requirements for single wall construction; and reduces waste, requiring less material.

Available in four grades:
Clear (NR) and 6 Patch,
Select (SR) and 18 Patch.

4’x8′, 4’x9′, 4,x10′ – 11/32″,15/32″,19/32″,23/32″

Roughsawn or Brushed
T-1-11, RBB, or Ungrooved