K Ply Story

K Ply was originally built as a worker owned mill in 1941 at this site. Panels are proudly stamped Mill #2, showing a long relationship with the American Plywood Association, now known as APA – The Engineered Wood Association.

In 1971 the shareholders sold their ownership to ITT, who operated the mill until 1989. K Ply was formed on May 19, 1989 when an Alaskan Native village corporation, Klukwan, Inc. purchased the mill. During over fifty years of production, generations of families have worked here. We produce a variety of specialty products.

Klukwan, Inc. has updated the facility with state of the art equipment designed to maximize the raw material available. K Ply prides itself on the total use of wood that comes into the mill, nothing is wasted. The bark provides boiler fuel and scrap veneer is made into chips for paper manufacturers.

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